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Absolute ZEN

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Kateigaho International Edition

Kateigaho International Edition

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photography by Tadayuki Naito
contribution by Keido Fukushima, Tofuku-ji
enso by Haku-in, courtesy of Eiseibunko
photography landscape by Osamu Murai, portrait by Tadayuki Naito
text by Editorial Staff


When we come upon a quiet image or an empty space, we often characterize it as Zen-like. But what, exactly, is Zen? We may turn to texts that bear the name Zen, but only a vague image emerges. However fully we exercise our intellect, however deeply we ponder, we cannot reach the heart of the matter.
Why is this so? It is because Zen is a matter of experience. It is because Zen is a religion, a quest for an understanding, a quest that lives in Zen meditation. We cannot unlock the heart of Zen on these pages. But we hope you can feel the form and beauty of Zen in the images and words. We seek to introduce—not that which is Zen-like—but the highest expressions of Zen itself in meditation, food, architecture, gardens, and thought.

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