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Summer Kimono & Yukata, PUFFY-style

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Kateigaho International Edition

Kateigaho International Edition

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photography by Makoto Nakagawa / 3rd
styling by Yoko Omori. Norio Kasuga / Yumioka Office
kimono dressing by Nobuko Ohkubo. Naomi Saga / Yumioka Office
hair & make-up by Hisakatsu Yamaguchi / ROND. Rieko Sugimura / Allure


PUFFY is a duo that has torn up Japan's pop-music scene and is now finding fame in America as a pair of animation characters. They appear here in summer-night styles unique to Tokyo. In vintage kimono and chic accessories they can enjoy both the nightlife and the cool evening breezes. We bring you the looks of PUFFY-style summer and a special interview with Ami Onuki and Yumi Yoshimura.

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