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Traditional Japanese Hairstyle

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Traditional Japanese Hairstyle

In the past, the Japanese customarily wore their hair up. However, since the advance of westernization since the 1870s, this custom has disappeared. The men's hairstyle of shaving hair off the middle of the head and tying the hair on the sides and back together was generically called a "chonmage (topknot)." Up until the Edo period (1603-1867), the practical aspects of women's hairstyles were given importance. During the peaceful era of the Edo period, hairstyles eventually developed into a fashion for women; for example, they would change their hairstyle upon coming of age or wear an ornamental hairpin.
Sumo, the National Sport of Japan
Japan's national sport of sumo has several customs. One of them is the unique hairstyle. Because the tip of the mage (top knot) looks like a ginkgo leaf, it's called an "oicho (literally 'large gingko')." Low-ranking sumo wrestlers are not permitted to wear this hairstyle.