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The Sea

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The Sea

Being an island country completely surrounded by ocean, Japan's lifestyle has a deep connection to the blue sea. For example, Japan's shipbuilding technology leads the world, while construction completion rivals that of Korea for highest volume. In Japan's adjacent sea, currents from the north and south run into each other, so a rich variety of fish and shellfish can be caught. Additionally, other marine products such as seaweed have been traditionally consumed. This is one reason why fishing villages throughout the country all have local product specialties.
Naturally in the summer, beaches nationwide bustle with people.
The Sea, Rich with Nature: Corals and Drift Ice
Being a long country stretching from the north to the south, the seas of Okinawa at the southernmost tip and Hokkaido at the northernmost tip differ greatly in appearance. Okinawa,
surrounded by coral and rich with tropical fish, is one of the world's best diving spots; on the other hand, Hokkaido's Sea of Okhotsk, covered with drift ice from January through April, is a popular spot for ice-breaking boat tours.