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Full Moon

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Full Moon

The harvest moon refers to August 15th of the lunar calendar, or a certain day of September of the solar calendar (varies depending on the year). This is a time of the year when the air is clear and the moon is its most beautiful.
The harvest moon is an event from China. In China, mooncakes are exchanged, but in Japan, rice dumplings, pampas grass, potatoes, chestnuts, beans, and sacred sake are offered to the moon at night, and a drinking party is held. It's said that rice dumplings and potatoes became offerings because the event has transitioned into something of a harvest festival.
Rabbits in the Moon?
Back when nights were pitch dark, people would be very imaginative when looking at the brightly shining full moon in the night skies. People in different countries see different things when looking at moon patterns, such as a standing lion, a crab with one large claw, or the profile of a man or woman. The Japanese say that "a rabbit is pounding mochi."