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There are three types of Japanese characters: kanji, hiragana, and katakana. Kanji was brought in from China, and the number of kanji that Japanese people use on a daily basis is approximately 2,000. Among these, there are hieroglyphic characters such as "Yama" (mountain) and "Kawa" (river) and compound ideographs such as "Ue" (up) and "Shita" (down) that encode meanings. Hiragana was born by writing kanji in a fluid style, while katakana came from kanji elements. Both have 46 characters. Japanese is written in both hiragana and kanji, while katakana is primarily used for adopted words.
Kanji and Naming Babies
The names of Japanese people are rendered in order of family name and given name. All kanji have a sound and meaning, and there is even a type of fortune telling that determines the compatibility of kanji with each other. When naming children, characters are selected based on sound, meaning, and compatibility with family name. It’s also common to take a kanji from a parent or grandparent name.