T-shirt Art Exhibition on the Beach

"Our town has no museum. The beautiful beach is our museum." Allured by this slogan, 200,000 people every year visit the small town of Kuroshio on Shikoku, about 2 hours drive from Kochi City. Here, the traces written by the waves and the footprints of the birds on the 4 km long beach are considered works of art. Various performances and art events take place on the beach, but in particular the T-shirt Art Exhibition every May has become famous internationally. Over a thousand original designs from all over the world are printed on white T-shirts and are hung up on lines on the beach to flutter in the breeze under the clear, blue sky. In 2010, the T-shirts traveled to the grassland of Mongolia as well, and in 2011 they went to Hawaii. After the event, the T-shirts are returned to the participants, saturated with the fragrance of the wind.

T-shirt Art Exhibition
INFO May 1 – 5
(Partially in English)
SeaSide Gallery
Office Bios Ogata Information Center, 3573-5 Ukibuchi, Kuroshio-cho, Hata-gun, Kochi Prefecture
Access From Kochi Airport, take the bus to JR Kochi Station, then the express train to Tosa-Irino Station, and walk 10 minutes to the beach. From Okayama Station on the JR Shikoku Line, it takes about 4 hours by express train to Tosa-Irino Station.
Photo: © Seaside Gallery