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Comments from JNTO TIC Visitor's Book

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JNTO TIC has had many visitors from all over the world since it opened in 1962. Here are just a few of recent comments we've received from visitors.


The most wonderful tourist information office we have visited throughout Asia.
The array of useful information was presented to us in a delightful and meaningful manner.
The staff have really helped us organize our adventure around Japan. Superb job!
We will recommend Japan as a tourist destination in Ireland.
Thank you so much!


Thank you for your kind hospitality.
We were meant to go to Mt.Fuji today, but instead we got stuck on the train for 3 hours!
When we come here, we could relax with tea & have fun.
Thank you!

unknown nationality

All your staff members at TIC are very kind and helpful.
Thank you very much!

unknown nationality

I need a lot of information about Japanese museums and tickets for tourist how to get there.
You have been very kind and perfect. And provided me with all of them.
Thank you very much indeed! Domo arigato!!


Congratulations to Tokyo 2020 Olympic nomination! Well deserved!
Many thanks again for the excellent service and good advice!
It was again extraordinary!
Greetings from Germany.


I was helped a lot by the TIC staff!
I got a lot of good travel guides and maps.
Upstairs, I'd been looking for an internet page.
Everyone was very helpful.
See you in 2020 at the Olympics. (I hope to come!)


I'd like to thank all staff members at each information center.
Thanks to your professional suggestion, I really enjoyed traveling around Japan.
I'd like to visit and see you again!!


We have received all information we need plus additional tips.
Very useful.Great kindness, courtesy and high professional approach.
Many many thanks!!


We received a lot of information, got photographed in KIMONO.
We are ever grateful to you.
Many many thanks to all of you.


Thanks to your information, I figured out the way of getting to the destination.



Thank you very much for the useful information. The staff is very friendly and helpful !


The country is friendly, clean, well organized.
The trains are fantastic and fast !! The food is wonderful too !
We appreciated that there were many sign in English.
A suggestion would be to have a national pass for all temples & Shrines - just like the "JR Rail Pass".
Overall, a wonderful county & we wanted come back.
The county need to promote itself more in Canada !


Thanks a lot for your kind advices !
Effective deliver a lot of information!

unknown nationality

Thank you very much for the information !
It will be very good for our travel.


Thank you for being so kind.
I enjoyed my stay in Tokyo.

unknown nationality

Thank you very much for the useful information.
You are the best staff in all Japan !!
Arigato gozaimas ! Eskerrik asko !

unknown nationality

Thank you very much for the useful tourist information !


Tourist info is very helpful to us.
We came from Australia just 4 days in Tokyo and want to go tour for sightseeing.
They advises us where to look and go from here. But the office is a bit hard to find.
Thank you very much !
Arigato !


The staff is very friendly and service is great.
Although the weather in Tokyo is extremely hot, I felt really nice.
Thank you so much for helping me to find the various routes and walking courses.