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Transportation Promoting Guidance in Foreign Languages


Please kindly fill out the questionnaire, Transportation Promoting Guidance in Foreign Languages, found on this Web site.

1. Where do you live?
Asia Europe North America South America Oceania Africa
2. Where did you visit in Japan?
Hokkaido Tokyo Osaka Kyoto Kyushu Okinawa Other
3. What was the purpose of your visit?
Business Sightseeing Transit Visiting family/friends Extended stay Other
4. What transportation did you use in Japan? (Multiple answers allowed)
Train Bus Plane (domestic) Taxi Vessel Other
5. What kind of problems did you have in using public transportation?
    (Multiple answers allowed)
Unpunctual time schedule
Trouble finding stations or ticket offices
Trouble purchasing tickets
Incomprehensible announcements or indications in or outside transportation
No tourist office found
No brochures in foreign languages found
Troubles in transfers
Too many transportation offerings to distinguish.
Trouble communicating with station staff in foreign languages
Incomprehensible indications to desired destinations at terminals
No indication for tourist office found
Incomprehensible tariff chart and time schedule at ticket gates, etc.
Incomprehensible indications for prohibited matters
Incomprehensible indications on tickets
Incomprehensible announcements for emergencies during service interruptions,
6. Which contents of this site were helpful for you?(English Only)
Thank you very much for your cooperation.


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