Japan Endless Discovery


We will distribute leaflets to promote inbound tourism created with the theme of “Omotenashi Nippon”.

The theme is “Omotenashi Nippon”. The members of Arashi portray different people working in the areas of “Lodging”, “Shopping”, “Dining”, “Sightseeing” and “Bathing” – shoe caretaker in a long-established ryokan (Japanese inn) (Sho Sakurai), sales person at a souvenir shop (Masaki Aiba), washoku chef (Jun Matsumoto), landscape gardener (Kazuya Ninomiya) and sento painter (Satoshi Ohno) – to experience the roles played by those working behind the scenes to support the meticulous omotenashi Japan is known for. As they interact with craftsmen and  customers  and  learn  the  spirit  of  omotenashi  and  consideration  for  others,  they introduce Japanese omotenashi to foreign tourists.

Place of distribution: Major international tourism exhibitions (tourism expo), joint business meeting sessions for international tourism industry and seminars on visiting Japan (in Japan), in-store display/counters at international travel agencies (state/private), JNTO (Japan National Tourist Organization)-related facilities, foreign/Japanese airlines in-flight theater and display, in-board display on international cruise lines major routes